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Hashtag Trending Nov.28 – Tesla’s Self-Driving test fail; Twitter breach worsens; breached WhatsApp records up for sale

A recent safety test reveals that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature will hit a child in a stroller, a Twitter breach from last year was...

5 steps to help SMBs build security resilience and survive a recession

While recessions are difficult for all companies, small businesses are often hit the hardest. To help weather the impending storm, small business owners need to consider best practices for building resiliency into their business today to ensure survival.

70,000 Patient Records Breached Due To Hacked Kaiser Permanente Email Account

Kaiser Permanente, the biggest nonprofit health plan provider in America, recently announced a data breach that exposed highly sensitive health information of close to 70,000 patients.

Security is everyone’s priority

By Dana Mitchell, Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft Canada Digital transformation, cloud computing and a sophisticated threat landscape are forcing everyone to rethink the roles...

Overcoming security complexity

There isn’t a country in the world in which security, and the threat of being hacked, isn’t an ongoing issue. However, Canadians, in particular,...

Some Ontario beer chain outlets forced to use cash-only after cyber attack

The Beer Store said that following protocols after an attack is will only allow purchasers to buy with cash

Clearview AI says its client list was stolen

Controversial facial recognition software startup, Clearview AI, this week revealed that they had their entire client list stolen by someone with “unauthorized access”.

U.S. indicts four Chinese military members for 2017 Equifax breach

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused Chinese military personnel of hacking into the computer systems of Equifax, a credit reporting agency, in 2017.

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