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BlackBerry outsources smartphone business

The highlight of BlackBerry’s last quarter was its announcement that it would stop making smartphones directly. While the company will earn a royalty on their sales, profit will mean less for the Mobile device management software maker.

Blackberry through the years: From Pager to Priv

Inventing Interactive The device that started it all, the Interactive Pager, introduced the world to thumb keyboards and thumb wheel scrolling to navigate its 132-by-65...

Why BlackBerry needs to go “all-in” on Android

BlackBerry has a mountain to climb with its hardware division. Should the company choose to fully embrace Android?

BlackBerry Priv review: Android’s apps with less risk, premium hardware

If you love your BlackBerry phone but felt a little left out because you couldn’t get the apps you wanted, you are going to...

BlackBerry Priv – Is this the droid you’re looking for?

CIO Jim Love has put the new BlackBerry Priv through its paces, and he's impressed. This device offers an easy migration from your old Android, great productivity, and unique security features.

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