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Philadelphia flushes Oracle out of water bill project

The city of Philadelphia has restarted a troubled water billing system project after signing a contract for new software that will replace most of the Oracle Corp. applications it initially planned to use.

Ethics board to review Philadelphia CIOs departure

Days after Philadelphia's CIO announced plans to resign her post to take a job with a company that has done business with the city, Mayor John Street asked the board of ethics to determine whether the move violates city statutes.

Workflow tools a boon for Accenture

Tasked with processing more than 32 million payments and 20 million transactions annually, Vancouver-based business process outsourcing (BPO) firm Accenture Business Services for Utilities recently developed a management software application to help in streamlining workflow.

Ghana gets Wi-Fi

Having fine-tuned its billing system, Busyinternet Ghana Ltd. is set to publicly launch its Wi-Fi internet access service.

Life after outsourcing

Shortly after Dick LeFave arrived at Nextel Communications Inc. in February 1999 as the company's new senior vice-president and CIO, he concluded that Nextel could vastly improve its IT operations and its sagging bottom line (it had posted a US$1.8 billion loss in 1998) if it outsourced a good portion of its IT.

Funk gets tuned for wireless

Funk Software Inc. is making it easier for service providers to keep Mobile IP wireless sessions up and running as users move from cell site to cell site within new wireless networks.

Carrier’s IT infrastructure unprepared for 3G

Traditional IT ideals of building a system to meet current requirements was a fundamental cause of recently failed Australian carrier One.Tel Ltd.'s billing system blunders and threatens to stymie other carriers in their move to new generation systems.

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