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Required system upgrade puts brakes on Quebec’s vanity plates plan

Program will have to be delayed at least until 2017

managing principal of CIM & RFID solutions practice, HP

With over 600 participants attending last month's RFID conference, organized by GS1 Hong Kong (formerly known as the HKANA) and EPCglobal Hong Kong, these tiny ID chips seem to have hit the radar of many local IT managers. While enterprises are studying the technical viability and ROI potential of RFID, experts at the conference noted the IT environment needs to prepare and evaluate proactively to ensure successful implementations.

Documents get smart

What might it mean to business efficiencies if corporate documents could become active in the processes they front and adapt as needed? What if they could become, well, smart?

Groove looks to enhance real-time collaboration

The offering begins to fill in gaps for corporate users, who lacked an easy way to incorporate back-end data into collaboration environments.

Grand Central extends beyond Web services

A new breed of Internet company is emerging to challenge the traditional private value added networks (VANs) that connect trading partners.

IT, business intelligence in harmony

Business intelligence vendors such as Cognos, Crystal Decisions and Business Objects combine various Internet-based technologies with thin clients to push business reporting tools further down into a company

Airline Web sites seen as riddled with security holes

Increasing concerns about the potential for hackers to manipulate critical back-end administrative systems through security holes commonly found in corporate Web sites have prompted at least one major airline to take preventive measures.


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