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Stop tool sprawl and deliver quality application performance

At a time of unprecedented technological change, IT departments around the world are turning their attention to the challenges of tool sprawl.When new tools...

The evolution of the API economy

IT departments have been struggling to support applications across a growing number of endpoints, from mobile devices to cloud and the Internet of Things....

ITAC winners dish on oil spills, health research

Toronto-based Dyadem picked up the Corporate IT Hero Award for its risk management platform, while a psychiatrist who created a monitoring tool for Toronto


IBM Corp. recently announced several enhancements to its WebSphere Portal, adding new templates focused on the application...

Weighing the choice of development platforms

Three years ago, TD Bank Financial Group decided to go with Java as its enterprise development platform, in large part because it wanted its application code to be able to run on different types of hardware.

Deciding between DAS and SAN-deployed external RAID

The time has come to deploy external RAID for the application servers. The decision now is whether the external RAID will be direct attached to the servers (DAS) or networked storage (SAN).

An approach to developing SAP R/3 interfaces

Application integration with a packaged application is more challenging because the ability to build in these safeguards is still critical but usually difficult or impossible to establish if the package's vendor does not provide these.

Satisfying the most security-minded customers

What does it indicate when a vice president of an application hosting department has to move his office five times in a year to handle his department's growth? Possibly that the company is effectively mining a mother lode of opportunity.

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