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TCL Communication to discontinue sales of BlackBerry devices

TCL Communication will no longer sell BlackBerry-branded mobile devices starting August 31, 2020. BlackBerry’s brand licensing agreement with TCL Communication is due to end on...

Cisco, Alcatel in group to create open streaming video standards

Open architecture standard is needed, say vendors and content providers, to ensure streaming video can flourish

Orion tests 400Gb network

Ontario's research network tests high-capacity network for next-generation speeds

Alcatel templates help build automated networks

Certifications from Citrix have allowed Alcatel to offer blueprints for customers to create WAN-to-LAN automated networks

Technology News Gallery May 28, 2012

Cisco backs off CiusCisco Systems Inc. said it has stopped developing its Cius tablet. The Android-powered device could fit into a desktop handset station...

Alcatel-Lucent to bring 40G to mesh

Two 40Gig Ethernet line cards will be available in the third quarter for its OmniSwitch 10K network core switch, which, combined with software upgrades will fill out its fabric architecture.

Alcatel to give switch

Coming software upgrades will let switch detect SIP-based traffic and individual users so Quality of Service terms can be applied

Alcatel-Lucent integrates Wi-Fi with mobile networks

Many wireless operators have to include Wi-Fi offloading on their networks to ease crowded spectrum, says the equipment maker

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