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The Business Leadership Podcast: Peter Retiano, CEO at Abacus

Over the last 10 years, Peter Reitano, CEO of Abacus, a performance Facebook ad tech/agency, has worked directly with some of the worlds largest blue-chip / Fortune 500 brands and award-winning agencies in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jeff Goldenberg, chief strategy officer at Abacus

A client-side marketing veteran with 15 years in the industry, Jeff Goldenberg is a co-founder of Abacus, a digital agency specializing in performance Facebook ads.

Government use of tracking cookies sparks privacy concern

A U.S. government proposal to allow government sites to use single-session, multi-session cookies and persistent cookies to track users comes under firernrn

New legislation will drive IT temp jobs out of Ontario, critics say

A bill extending severance and holiday pay rights to temporary workers will have a "dramatic" impact on IT staffing agencies in Ontario, according to those in the industry. WITH VIDEO

U.S. releases new details on cybersecurity initiative

Officials plan to focus on backdoors built into tech products and a better cyberdefense system.

Cloud computing raises privacy and security concerns

U.S. government policy makers will soon focus on the privacy, security and other implications of cloud computing, some experts say.

Inside the CIAs extreme technology makeover, part 3

The CIA's CIO navigates a tense line between making data visible and keeping secrets

Inside the CIAs extreme technology makeover, part 1

An exclusive look inside the CIA's IT-driven transformation. Thomas Wailgum visits Langley headquarters to interview CIO Al Tarasiuk.

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