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Rove Mobile offers ‘by-the-administrator’ pricing

Licensing by the user, not the server, means the remote network administration software company will get into more servers, Rove's CTO says. But one analyst wonders whether admins would rather opt for cheap or free options

New network skills: Scripting

The mandate for network admins: Make it run. That requires some form of programming

E-mail appliance makers aim at admin overhead

Sophos launches machines that send notifications to users of policy violations straight to their BlackBerry, and Marshal tries to get customers up and running in half an hour. Why threat protection is just one aspect of ROI

Oracle-SAP suit exposes contract weaknesses

Software firms can gain access to each other's databases through customer support agreements, but how much is too much? Lawyers render their verdict on the potential for similar court cases

VoIP hacker talks: Service provider nets easy pickings

US$1 million in VoIP services were stolen in attacks that could have been prevented by Security 101, an expert says.

Shark tank

That’s not itPilot fish installs a new monitor for a user - and then promptly gets a request for a replacement monitor. The user’s...

CA tackles identity management challenge

Network managers know how hard it is to manage the multiple user identities of their employees, but Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) says it has the answer with eTrust Admin 2.0.

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