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Firefox 4 offers silent add-on updates

New add-on manager updates extensions automatically, some sans restart. The most recent preview of the browser is slated to launch in early 2011

Windows 7 gets XP mode

Microsoft is using virtualization to provide Windows 7 users backward compatibility to the software makers seemingly hard-to-kill Windows XP

Open Text addresses Unix bandwidth challenges

ExceedFreedom lets remote workers access the same application via a shared screen. The vendor says it can cut response times by a factor of 100

Mandate for federal desktop security set to kick in

The federal government's desktop security mandate kicks in this week, requiring government agencies to support standard secure configurations for Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Known as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration standard, the FDCC will require agencies to apply and maintain standard security settings on all desktops and laptops.

Mozilla launches Firefox 2.0

The browser wars are back. Just two weeks after Microsoft Corp. delivered its highly anticipated Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Corp. has shipped a major update to its Firefox browser. Firefox 2.0 was officially released Tuesday.

SAP steps up BI efforts for smaller businesses

SAP AG acquired Norwegian software company iLytix Systems AS earlier this month in a move aimed at introducing a new business intelligence (BI) tool to its small business product suite, Business One. The tool, XL Reporter, enables Business One users to export data to Microsoft Corp.'s Excel program without having to reformat each report. It also allows them to create new financial and business reports or modify existing ones, schedule reports for automatic delivery, and create "what if" scenarios quickly with new point-and-click and drag-and-drop features.

Microsoft enhances program

Visual Studio .Net will have an even stronger presence in the software development market after Microsoft Canada Co. recently announced changes to its Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program, according to one Toronto-based software development company.

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