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BlackBerry doubles down on Android

Aimed at both consumers and businesses, BlackBerry’s thinnest, most secure phone will be sold through traditional channels as well as security resellers

Does BlackBerry ending the classic device make sense?  

Since demand is falling for Classic, winding it down is a strategy move

Priv’s poor reception pushes BlackBerry back to mid-range smartphone market

According to CEO John Chen, the company plans to return to the mid-range smartphone market this year

What to expect from BlackBerry at CES 2016

At CES 2016, BlackBerry will spend most of its efforts promoting the QNX platform for automobiles, yet there is a slight chance the company will announce another Android-based BlackBerry tomorrow night.

BlackBerry Priv (Android) will have all the sweetness of passport and more

If it targets the right people, BlackBerry could expect to sell a million units of its new smartphone within a quarter.

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