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Data Privacy Day: The 10 biggest privacy fines imposed (so far)

  For Data Privacy Week, here's a look at the ten largest privacy fines imposed as of Jan. 27, 2023. This list includes multinational household names...

U.S. SEC indicts three people who illegally traded on Equifax after cyberattack

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has indicted three people who illegally tipped and traded Equifax securities before the company disclosed a massive data breach.

Equifax Canada names Sandy Kyriakatos as its new chief data officer

Equifax Canada, the Canadian branch of the American consumer credit reporting agency, has named Sandy Kyriakatos as its new chief data officer (CDO). As Equifax's...

U.S. indicts four Chinese military members for 2017 Equifax breach

The U.S. Department of Justice has accused Chinese military personnel of hacking into the computer systems of Equifax, a credit reporting agency, in 2017.

Study says businesses stand to lose 20% of sales revenue forever after a hack

The recent headline-grabbing data breaches - Equifax Inc., Capital One Financial Corp., and The Desjardins Group chief among them - all lead to this question: Will these breaches cause consumers to stop spending their hard-earned cash with these companies?

Equifax could pay up to $700 million in proposed U.S. settlement for data breach

Company comes to proposed dea; with US regulators for not taking basic steps that could have prevented 'staggering' breach

Federal privacy commissioner critical of Equifax Canada and its parent over huge breach

In addition to calling security 'unacceptable.' commissioner is also re-thinking guidance over getting consumer consent for cross-border personal data transfers

After suffering huge data breach Equifax tells Canadians they’re not doing enough to protect their data

Survey suggests fewer Canadians are double-checking their financial statements, or installing security software on their PCs. Company spokesperson replies to suggestion Canadians may find criticism strange

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