Understanding how digital marketing can work for your business


    Four powerful forces are rapidly converging to reshape how enterprises operate and compete: cloud, analytics, mobile and social.

    It is now possible to imagine a world where customers purchase more through mobile devices than computers, where analytics drive the majority of real-time decision making, where cloud becomes the predominant delivery mechanism and where more ideas emerge from social networks than ever thought possible.

    The International Centre,
    6900 Airport Rd,
    Mississauga, L4V 1E8

    April 23, 2015

    7:30am — 2:30pm


    Event Highlights

    • Transform your organization by capitalizing on cloud, mobility, big data & analytics, social and security for improved business results
    • Develop tactics for leveraging the data explosion to drive innovation and improve business success
    • Securely manage mobile, analytics and social applications on the cloud for seamless integration
    • Leverage IBM’s combination of deep industry expertise to turn every interaction into an opportunity to drive return on investment
    • Implement strategies to combat current business challenges that you can share with executives

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