Real Life Examples – Value Derived from Big Data


    ???In this series of videos, senior executive professionals ?discuss their experiences with Big Data Analytics and how they are putting it to use to provide added value, monetize new products, and deliver on customer needs.

    Design and the Vision of Big Data

    Digital transformations are upon us, creating a world of unstructured data. In this video, Sara Diamond, President of OCAD university looks to the future of big data and how this will continue to shape our world. New tools and approaches are being recognized that allow us to really dive into and mine unstructured data for valuable insights never before obtained.

    IBM Big Data Video OCAD

    ??CIO / CMO Collaboration In Big Data – It can work!

    Andrew Dillane, CIO of Randstad speaks to his experience in a collaborative CIO-CMO environment and how big data has enabled the company to do more for customers, providing added value and further aligning with the company’s vision of “shaping the world of work”.
    IBM Big Data Video Randstad Canada

    ??Big Data in Action

    From theory to practice. Hear from Giorio Zacharia as he delves into how big data was utilized by to better understand customer preferences. Leveraging insights from big data, the information ultimately feeds the design and functionality of their website to ensure customer needs are first and foremost — providing a customer experience that has them returning time and time again.
    IBM Big Data Video


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