Palo Alto Networks

    Defending Industrial Control Systems Against Cyberthreats


    Vigilance and diligence around cyber security is something many CIOs regard as pivotal activities – recognizing that staying on top of threats and ahead of cyber criminals is key to maintaining a network’s defences, and ultimately securing the company’s confidential information as well as that of employees and customers.

    Palo Alto Networks presents an on demand webinar on the topic of defending industrial control systems against cyber attacks, trends and the best defences against them. Topics covered will include:

    • The nature of both existing and emerging cyber threats to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and why asset owners need to pay attention to them
    • Strategies and frameworks for defending your ICS against these threats
    • Next-generation technologies that enable fine-grain visibility, role-based access control, and threat prevention for both known and zero-day attacks.

    Watch On Demand

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