How managed network solutions can help you meet high user expectations [webinar]


    When you give an employee a smartphone or other wireless technology, you’re not just giving them a way to stay connected, you’re giving them an opportunity to grow your business.

    But with many companies using five or more tools to monitor their IT, the increased flexibility means staff can be pressed and IT resources strained. Managed Network Solutions can provide relief to that particular kind of digital indigestion and complexity at the same time.


    Create IT efficiencies with managed network solutions

    To learn more about managed network solutions, join us for a webinar with Jim Love ITWC’s CIO and chief content officer, and Tracy Markwood, senior director of Wireline Product.

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    Taking advantage of the latest in wireless networking technology, Managed Network Solutions free up your IT resources, allowing your staff to focus on innovation and gather the intel that opens the door to new profit centres.

    Manage Network Solutions offer unprecedented opportunities to control every aspect of your network from managing access to resources to ensuring your network bandwidth is used effectively across your business.

    In a future dominated by mobile devices, streamlined operations are imperative whether you’re building traffic, improving performance, enhancing security or breaking down analytics. Connectedness always empowers innovation and faster project implementation.

    Join us for the webinar and learn how to optimize the customer experience and the kind of mobile experience you can create, deploy and modify. Don’t let your IT department become the “the guys who fix things.” Make them the digital travel agents who help your team fly forward to explore new markets and apply your expertise to uncharted challenges.

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