• Let the haters begin …

    A bare two weeks after it launched, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner wrote off Google+, the search giant’s new social network, saying there are already enough social networks. “Nobody has any free time,” Weiner said.

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  • Dell adds another block to its stack

    Dell closed a deal with Force10 Networks to acquire the data centre switch-maker for an undisclosed sum. Potential takeover target Brocade Communications Systems’ stock fell seven per cent on the news.

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  • One Tablet Per Child?

    One Laptop Per Child is planning to launch its XO-3 tablet, with rubber protective cover, solar charging and satellite Internet, next year, at a price of under $100.

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  • Coat of 16 million colours

    David Forbes created a video coat by gluing thousands of LEDs to a lab coat. He’s spent six months and $20,000 on the project so far.

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  • Local knowledge

    Heather Thorne, who directs ICT innovation at Grameen Foundation’s Technology Center, explained why she chose to use Android phones in its community knowledge worker project with farmers in Uganda.

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  • Charges in MIT hack

    Aaron Swartz, former executive director and founder of online activism group Demand Progress, was indicted on charges of stealing four million documents from Massachesetts Institute of Technology’s computer network.

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