• Social media and London’s riots

    In a tit-for-tat move, London’s Metropolitan Police are using social media outlets to track down looters in riots that were partly organized through social media. Residents also organized cleanup activities over the Web.

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  • Build your own spy-in-the-sky

    Hackers at Defcon displayed do-it-yourself aerial surveillance technology, including wireless camera that can be fired from a flare gun and this surplus U.S. Army drone converted to flying spy station.

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  • University researchers create optical ‘diode’

    Researchers at California Institute of Technology and University of California at San Diego have developed a silicon-based optical waveguide that minimizes light interference, a breakthrough in the quest for low-cost, all-optical networks.

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  • Google, Apple still big smart phone winners

    Gartner Research analyst Roberta Cozza reported that Google and Apple have a combined share of 61.6 per cent of the smart phone market, while Microsoft’s Windows Phone struggles, and will continue to until at least the second half of 2012.

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  • Walmart had a digital music store?

    Giant retailer Walmart announced it will close its eight-year-old Music Downloads store at the end of August, never having been able to entrench itself in a market dominated by Apple’s iTunes and streaming services.

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