61% of business leaders have admitted to employing candidates who are not qualified for the job, hampering growth and costing businesses.

Fifty-six percent of business leaders said they had rushed the hiring process, and seven out of ten companies said the effects of bad hiring were worse than 12 months ago.

53% of business leaders feel pressured to pay new hires more than current employees, making the situation worse.

As for the impact of such decisions, small and medium-sized enterprises feel the pain more than larger organisations: 82% report “severe negative impacts.”

According to Robert Half senior managing director for UK&I and BeNeLux, Matt Weston, bad hires tends to happen when organizations fail to properly access candidates and carry out due diligence, therefore, results in “rushed decisions and making the wrong compromises.”

In order to address the problem, 44% agreed that better verification was an important criterion and 42% agreed that the ability to identify experience, knowledge and skills should not be impaired, even if they agree on hybrid or remote work.