Twitter is currently run by Parag Agrawal, who succeeded Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in November.

Who will lead the company in the future remains unclear after Musk told the board in his offer document that he had “no confidence in management.”

Agrawal also told employees on Monday that Twitter’s future remains uncertain. “Once the deal is done, we don’t know what direction the platform will go,” Agrawal said.

There has been speculation that Elon Musk could call for a radical change in leadership if he wants to present Twitter in a new light.

As part of the deal, Twitter’s shares will be delisted and held private, giving Musk the freedom to make the changes he wants for the company.

Despite the seemingly overpriced bargain price for a company that rarely makes a profit and has suffered a slowdown in user growth, Musk said he didn’t care about the economics” of buying.

There is a chance that top Twitter executives will be ousted and replaced when a radical change in Twitter’s structure begins.