U.S. wireless carrier, Verizon has announced plans to raise the minimum wage for retail, customer service and inside sales teams.

The company is raising the minimum wage for new employees to $20 an hour for Customer Service and $20 an hour (when base salary plus target commission are combined) for its Retail and Inside Sales employees.

Existing employees on any of those teams, who currently receive less than $20 an hour, will receive an automatic pay raise.

Verizon will also introduce pay differentials for assistant managers who work on holidays and Sundays and those who are bilingual.

In addition to increasing entry-level wages, the company is also offering a sign-on bonus for retail specialist and assistant manager positions.

“Our V Teamers give their best day in and day out to support our customers with all of their needs, which is why we want to make sure we support them as well. These changes are the direct result of employees’ feedback and will help us remain an attractive employer in this competitive environment,” said Krista Bourne, Chief Operating Officer for Verizon Consumer Group.