The CEO of dating app Tinder recently revealed that the company is working on having its own type of dating in the metaverse called the Tinderverse.

According to Renate Nyborg, the Tinderverse will aim to blur the boundaries between the offline and online worlds. Nyborg pointed to some newly introduced features that point to the company’s pithy efforts towards the metaverse.

Features include Swipe Nights, a feature that allows users to choose their adventure and coordinate with others based on their choice. In addition, the company is testing the in-app virtual currency, which allows users to purchase access to premium services and earn them as a reward for good behavior on its platform.

Talks about the Metaverse are underway around the world as technology companies work to create a world where people can share a common virtual space across their various devices. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans for a Metaverse, other technology companies, including Microsoft and others, are also working to update the concept of the Metaverse.