U.S., U.K., and other European counties are urging organizations to do more in fortifying their defenses against imminent Russian cyberattacks.

Three Russian cyberattacks can cause worldwide damage to countries around the world.

This includes an attack that can take out power, an attack that can install destructive software on thousands of computers and destroy data, and an attack that can target critical infrastructures to cause mass disruption.

Russia can conduct cyberattacks that take out electricity. This is evident in the series of blackouts Ukraine faced over the years including cyberattacks called BlackEnergy.

Russia could also use its destructive software to destroy computer systems worldwide as evidently seen during the NotPetya attack. The NotYetya attack caused approximately $10 billion of damage.

For the third type of attack, security experts believe Kremlin may instruct cyberattackers to target critical infrastructures. A similar type of attack happened when the DarkSide ransomware group target the Colonial pipeline in a ransomware attack.

While the U.S. has assured that it will respond to any cyber aggression from Russia, experts believe each form of attack comes with dire consequences for Russia.