Threat actors are distributing fake Windows antivirus updates in Ukraine.

According to Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team, the fake antivirus update install Cobalt Strike and other malware.

Cobalt Strike offers offensive security capabilities, facilitates lateral network movement, and ensures persistence.

The fake antivirus is distributed via phishing emails impersonating Ukrainian government agencies.

The phishing email contains a link to a French website that offers download buttons for the alleged AV software updates.

After downloading and running the fake BitDefender Windows update, the victim is prompted to install a ‘Windows Update Package.’

The package instead downloads and installs the one.exe file from the Discord CDN, which is a Cobalt Strike beacon.

The Ukrainian Computer Emergency Response Team claimed a sophisticated Russian-speaking APT known as UAC-0056 is behind the campaign.

UAC-0056 uses a combination of phishing emails and custom backdoors to collect information from Ukrainian organizations.