The top five supercomputers in the 59th edition of the Top500 include Frontier System, now ranked No. 1, Fugaku, the new LUMI system, Summit and Sierra.

Other computers that made it into the top 10 are Sunway TaihuLight, Perimeter, Selene, Tianhe-2A and the Adastra system.

Frontier is the first U.S. system to exceed one ExaFlop/s. It is now being integrated and tested at ORNL in Tennessee, USA, where it will be operated by the Department of Energy (DOE). Its capabilities and features include achieving 1.102 ExaFlop/s with 8,730,112 cores.

Fugaku is installed at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) in Kobe, Japan. It has 7,630,648 cores, achieving an HPL benchmark of 442 Pflop/s.

The new LUMI system, another HPE Cray EX system on the list is installed at the EuroHPC center at CSC in Finland and has a performance of 151.9 Pflop/s.

Summit, a system built by IBM at ORNL in Tennessee, USA, is ranked fourth worldwide with a performance of 148.8 Pflop/s.

Sierra, a system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USA, is in fifth place with a performance of 94.6 Pflop/s.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.