Speculative suggestions have been circulating on social media following the announcement that Facebook plans to rename itself under a new group name.

What the announcement, according to the tech website The Verge, means is that a newly named group would act as the parent company for all the company’s brands, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, ultimately reflecting a focus on virtual and augmented reality.

While the company has refused to comment or announce a new name, various suggestions such as Bookface, Facegram, Facetagram, FreeFace, FreeTalk, World Changer have all popped up on the internet.

The word “Meta” which stands in the way of Facebook’s desire towards the metaverse showed up among the trending suggestions.

While several people continue to circulate probable names, others have expressed doubt about the possibility that a name change will affect anything, especially the growing legal battles that continue to weigh on the company’s image.