A Check Point report examined some of the security challenges businesses may face next year, including the continued increase in supply chain attacks, the intensification of the cyber-cold war between different nations, and the rise in data breaches.

The report also revealed challenges such as misinformation campaigns, weaponization of deepfake technology, cryptocurrencies playing a greater role in attacks, criminals exploiting vulnerabilities in microservices, the increase in mobile malware attacks, and finally, the continued use of penetration tools in attacks.

Check Point expects an increase in attacks on supply chains in 2022, as they affect not only targeted organizations, but also companies associated with that organization.

For the cyber cold war, more countries will target rival nations, as terrorist groups will also take advantage of the situation and better infrastructures to launch attacks.

Privacy breaches will continue to increase, as companies and governments will be forced to pay ransom to restore files and servers.

For misinformation campaigns, 2022 will be another year in which such a campaign will flourish, as attackers will use it massively for phishing and fraud, and it will also play a role in the upcoming US midterm elections.

In 2022, the attackers will use deepfake technology to steal money, manipulate stock prices, and influence people’s minds on social media.