In response to several complaints from users, Samsung has promised to introduce software to address the “throttling” complaints. The software will allow users to control the performance of their devices.

Several users have stated that Samsung is throttling thousands of apps on the Galaxy smartphone line from Galaxy S10 to S 22. When throttling, a device is operated at a lower speed to keep it cooler and reduce battery consumption.

According to users, around 10,000 apps packed-in “Game Optimizing Service” of the Galaxy S22 was being throttled. What is however surprising is the fact that only 3,200 of the 10,000 apps in this category are actually games.

While thousands of apps are being throttled, only benchmark apps are exempted from this action. This means benchmark ratings inaccurately indicate how much power the most-used apps have access to.

The question as to why Samsung categorizes normal apps in the throttled “Game Optimizing Service” remains to be answered.

There is speculation that this could be a deliberate effort to prevent the devices from overheating. Overheating could occur at some point if apps run at full speed for a long period of time.