An attempt is being made to bring Chinese hackers on board in a Russian-speaking, RAMP hacker forum.

As Flashpoint reports, high-level users and RAMP administrators are actively communicating with new forum members in machine-translated Chinese, urging Mandarin-speaking players to participate in conversions, share tips, and collaborate on attacks.

With the forum reportedly receiving more than 30 new user registrations from China, the partnership between Russian and Chinese hackers could lead to an alliance that could lead to cyber-attacks targeting US targets, vulnerabilities in trade, or even better, recruits.

Further revelations show that the plan was initiated by one of RAMP’s admins who goes by the name “Kajit,” claiming to have spent some time in China and to speak the language.

They also indicated in the previous version of RAMP that they would bring Chinese hackers on board. RAMP is not the only one recruiting Chinese hackers currently.

In its research, Flashpoint noted: “In the screenshot below, XSS user ‘hoffman’ greets two forum members who revealed themselves as Chinese. The threat actors ask them if they could provide information about ransomware and purchase various kinds of system vulnerabilities. The language seems to be machine-translated Chinese.”