The German subsidiary of the Russian energy company Rosneft has confirmed a cyberattack on the company’s unit.

According to the Die Welt newspaper, Germany’s BSI cybersecurity watchdog confirmed that the incident took place on Friday night or early Saturday morning.

While investigations have commenced, the newspaper stated that there had been no effect on the company’s business or supply situation. Rosneft’s systems were however compromised during the attack.

BSI has provided the company with the needed support to overcome the situation. It has also issued a cybersecurity warning to other companies in the energy sector.

It is rumored that the attack was reportedly conducted by the hacker group “Anonymous” and it is in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Cybersecurity companies, government agencies, and bodies have continued to alert organizations about possible cyberattacks.

The agencies, therefore, implore organizations to fortify their systems and servers against imminent threats as a result of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.