Lindy Cameron, CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned that ransomware remains the biggest threat to cybersecurity in the world. She explained that ransomware attacks have the potential to affect entire societies and economies significantly.

“Even with a war raging in Ukraine – the biggest global cyber threat we still face is ransomware. That tells you something of the scale of the problem. Ransomware attacks strike hard and fast. They are evolving rapidly, they are all-pervasive, they’re increasingly offered by gangs as a service, lowering the bar for entry into cyber crime,” said Lindy Cameron.

Cameron noted that the NCSC is working together with other law enforcement agencies to eliminate ransomware attacks. This includes understanding the criminal system that helps drive ransomware attacks, the nature of ransomware gangs, and the techniques they used to facilitate ransomware campaign, even if these techniques continue to evolve.

“We want to make ransomware an unprofitable and unattractive business. We want to help create a society that is resilient to cyberattacks, where cybersecurity is second nature to all of us,” Cameron said.