A survey by cybersecurity specialist Venafi has shown that ransomware attacks continue even after payment of the demanded ransom.

According to the survey, 18% of the victims, who paid the ransom, were still exposed on the dark web. 8% of the respondents refused to pay the ransom, and the attackers tried to blackmail their customers. 35% of the victims, who paid the ransom, could not access their data.

The lack of credibility from attackers is linked to several important factors: First, since most RaaS operations are short-lived, attackers try to maximize their profits in the shortest possible time.

Second, many affiliates do not abide by the rules of the core ransomware operations. The third factor is centered on the fact that the remnants of data breaches may be maintained for a long time in several threat actor systems.

For Venafi, paying the ransom will only motivate cybercriminals to come back for more. It also creates an illusion in the minds of victims that a solution is within reach for them.