Xanadu’s quantum chip Borealis was able to perform a benchmark task that would take over 9,000 years in 36 microseconds.

The new development therefore dispels widespread assumptions that quantum computers are exaggerated. Quantum computers are described as the new generation of computers. Quantum computers can perform very complex calculations extremely quickly and solve the problems that super computers cannot solve.

Although their practicability is far-fetched, quantum computers will be used to solve a variety of problems, including climate change, the development of new drugs, and improved artificial intelligence.

Whether quantum devices are even close to being ready for practical use remains very difficult to answer.

Several technology companies have launched their quantum devices, but these devices are described as merely a stepping stone toward quantum computing.

In the case of Xanadu’s new chip, Borealis, there is a huge advantage, because it is programmable. Borealis allows the optical elements of the static chip to be readily programmed making it less of a disposable device than an actual computer that is potentially capable of solving several problems.