Oppo has unveiled its first foldable smartphone in a shrill video, three years after it unveiled its prototype.

The Find N resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Fold lineup, created after “four years of intense R&D and six generations of prototypes,” Oppo said in a press release. The phone will be officially unveiled at Oppo Inno Day on December 15.

The video promised a “beautiful” device that is very user-friendly and also promises easy operation in an open and closed position. Oppo added that it has solved all problems related to screen folding and durability that are normally associated with folding smartphones.

Oppo decided to wait a long time before releasing its first model to iron out problem areas and other issues with its flagship model.

In addition to finding N, Oppo will also unveil other products, having teased an advanced neural processing unit (NPU) as well as smart glasses, the latter last year’s Oppo AR Glass 2021, developer-only Wayfarer-type glasses with 0.71-inch OLED panels that are usually connected to Android devices via a USB cable.

Oppo Inno Day takes place from December 14-15.