A maintainer has been criticized for creating a poisonous open-source npm program that can erase the hard drives of computers located in Russia and Belarus.

The open-code npm source-code package called peacenotwar was written by Brandon Nozaki Miller, JavaScript’s package manager maintainer RIAEvangelist.

The package has a 9.8 severity rating. It is tracked as CVE-2022-23812. It contains malicious code that targets users with IP located in Russia or Belarus and overwrites their files with a heart emoji.

Miller initially wrote the code to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, other capabilities were added and soon, the code started destroying computers’ file systems.

Liran Tal, the Snyk researcher who uncovered the problem explain that such action could result in the maintainer not being trusted again.

“Even if the deliberate and dangerous act of maintainer RIAEvangelist will be perceived by some as a legitimate act of protest, how does that reflect on the maintainer’s future reputation and stake in the developer community?” Tal said.