Sansec researchers have discovered another malware that targets e-commerce servers and carries out server-side attacks to steal payment card data from online shops.

The malware, called NgrinRAT, is a combination of the application it targets and the remote access capabilities it offers, bypassing detection by hiding on Nginx servers. According to researchers, traces of infected servers have been discovered in the United States, Germany, and France.

They also pointed out that while the malware is found on servers infected with CronRAT, a remote access trojan that hides payloads in tasks to be executed on an invalid day in the calendar, they are working towards the same goal.

This goal involves providing remote access to the compromised system. They explained that the attackers behind the malware use it to modify server-side codes that allow them to monitor and record data submitted by users. While the malware may be available on the server or be detected, administrators are still advised to check the cron tasks, as the malware could also embed itself there without being detected.