Mozilla has released Firefox version 100, which is available this week for both desktop and mobile versions.

New features are available in both desktop and mobile versions of the new update. In the desktop version, subtitles and captions are now supported in Firefox’s picture-in-picture mode for videos. Three major sites, including YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, support subtitles and captions in PIP.

For mobile versions, some of the new features include a new browser history view.

Mozilla claimed to have reduced the clutter in this new History Panel by removing duplicates and automatically grouping related items, including multiple pages visited from the same search query.

There is also “clutter-free,” which is the name of the game for improvements to the tab on the phone.

The feature will help users who intend to leave tabs open for weeks to return to them. Using the feature, Firefox will automatically resort tabs that they haven’t viewed for 14 days in an “inactive tabs” section.

Other features include two new wallpapers for Android and iOS, HTTPS-only mode on Android, a prompt to select a language at first launch, and the expansion of the credit autofill feature. The autofill feature, previously only available in North America, has now been extended to the UK, France, and Germany.