Meta has unveiled the “Quest” headset that will help parents limit teenagers’ access to inappropriate content. Instagram also unveiled further parental controls.

Specifically, the tool will allow parents to lock specific apps directly from VR to stop teenagers from accessing them.

The tool will block teenagers from downloading or purchasing age-inappropriate apps in the Quest Store.

A “Parent Dashboard” based on the consent of both adults and teenagers will be released. This will allow parents to connect with their child’s account.

The new controls in Instagram and VR are part of the company’s “Family Center” program.

Set to be launched globally in the next few months, the controls will allow parents to see how much time their teenager spends on Instagram.

Parents will be able to set the hours during which their child can use the app, and receive updates on what accounts they follow and are followed by.

The controls will initially be initiated by the teenagers after which parents will be allowed based on their child’s consent.