Meta recently launched its social virtual reality space called Horizon Worlds.

This is the company’s first major step towards achieving its goals for Metaverse, a connected digital world. The app in question allows users to develop mini-games and other activities in addition to Metaverse’s base game.

Although there are no rules on making money, Meta Community Creators rewards those who win contests from the $10 million “creator fund” which is specifically designed to reward creators. Horizon Worlds is available to anyone 18 and older, and those using an Oculus Quest 2 headset sold by Meta are free to participate.

For those who want to become creators on the platform, the creation tools are integrated directly into the virtual reality game, giving players direct access to the tools without having to download them or follow specific processes.

“Our vision for Horizon Worlds is to bring to life a creator-friendly VR space with best-in-class social world-building tools. And we’ve spent the past year developing those tools and improving them based on creator feedback.” Says Meta