Organizations now manage more than 50,000 certificates, indicating the existence of new management challenges that many companies are struggling with.

The survey found that while some organizations have more than 1,200 unmanaged certificates, 47% of respondents also report discovering certificates ordered outside the IT process, which are often neglected and not properly managed.

It has led to several problems for organizations, two thirds of which say they have experienced outages due to unexpectedly expiring certificates.

91% of companies are considering PKI automation as an effective solution to this problem, and 70% plan to implement it within 12 months.

Since some organizations find the transition to PKI automation difficult, DigiCert recommends a few tips for organizations that should access their PKI certificate management before automation.

These include identifying and creating an inventory of the entire certificate landscape, eliminating non-compliant keys and certificates, protecting with best practices for insurance, and finally monitoring current changes.