Apple Inc. has lost no time in making a play for employees being let go by or thinking of leaving Canadian smart phone company BlackBerry Ltd. The Cupertino, Calif-based maker of iPhone and iPad devices has been sending LinkedIn invitations to BlackBerry workers and even held a recruitment event in Cambridge, Ont. just 15-minutes away from BlackBerry’s Waterloo headquarters.

“If you are interested in working on the world’s most advanced mobile devices and operating systems as well as alongside other amazing, talented and passionate engineers then apple may have opportunities for you,” Apple said in an invitation send to some BlackBerry employees via LinkedIn.

Technology new site AllThingsD also reported that on September 26, just a week after BlackBerry announced a $995 million loss and the impending layoff of 4,500 employees, Apple held recruitment even at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre.

The positions available were mainly based at the Apple HQ in Cupertino and came with offers of relocation and immigration assistance for candidates.

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