Still leery about Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 operating system? Some industry watchers, who believe the Redmond, Wash. software firm is eager to get past its criticism-plagued OS, said that in the next few weeks Microsoft will likely announce plans for a 2015 release of a new OS, to be called Windows 9.

Earlier, Microsoft named its October 2013 free update “Windows 8.1.” Some analysts predict that Microsoft is now ready to drop that naming convention and move on Windows 9.

In a recent blog, Microsoft watchers Paul Thurrott reported that according to anonymous sources, Microsoft will reveal its plans for Windows 9 at the Build developers conference in San Francisco, set for April 2nd. He said the company intends to ship the update in April 15.

There had been earlier talk that Microsoft would restore the Start menu and bring back the “classic” desktop and enable Metro apps to work on the desktop mode when it releases its Windows 8 replacement.

Microsoft failed to capture the hearts of PC users when it launched its touch-focused Windows 8 OS. Many users bemoaned the absence of the familiar Windows Start button and disliked the new interface and tiled look. Some analysts have even blamed the PC sales slump on Windows 8

Michael Silver, analyst for Gartner Research, said Microsoft may want people to forget the Windows 8 name but he said users should not expect too much from the replacement. For instance, he said, when Microsoft brought out Windows 7 after its 2007 flop Vista OS, there were no major changes. Silver said Microsoft just “polished up” Vista and “packaged it better.”

Windows 8 has not been selling very well since its release. The Internet measurement firm Net Applications reports that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 captured 10.5 per cent of the computer user market in December 2013 and 11.6 per cent of all those running some form of Windows OS. That’s less than half of what Windows 7 achieved after its launch.

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  1. My personal opinion is that Microsoft doe not fundamentally understand business users and older computer users. What they would have needed is a Windows XP Pro type interface that is clean, simple and extremely fast. The first complaint I hear from my customers is “it’s too complicated with too many options” the second complaint I hear is “why is it so slow” It is acceptable on a cell phone that a website or document opens slowly… on a Windows 7 or 8 laptop or desktop that is not acceptable.

  2. IMHO Win8 is a prescription for carpal tunnel syndrome with all the mouse moves from corner to corner unless you own a touch screen or magiclly know all the keyboard shortcuts. Face it, any other OS is far more intuitive. Navigating a GUI should not be this convoluted. In short, Win8 is a mess when it comes to desktop users. The whole force feeding users a “Live” account (until they rebrand that too) is crap, as are the simple concepts, like adding a printer without having to now magically find a way to get to the also convoluted control panel they decided to cook up in Vista (what was so wrong with classic?). Again there you have it, the Win8 GUI is mostly crap that is seriously lacking in the functionality that was once easliy found in their previous OS offerings. BTW, who needs someone looking over your shoulder reading all of your email previews, etc… stupid.


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