Whit Andrews, vice president and renowned analyst at Gartner, recommended that companies focus on human-centric design, strengthen diversity rather than plurality, and develop an efficient hybrid work plan as necessary strategies for organizations to increase productivity.

Human-centric design involves refactoring and reinventing digital systems and the human systems that surround them to make humans as successful as possible.

According to Andrews, “This is about teaching computers … to understand humans better,” Andrews said.

Speaking further, Andrews went on to explain that recent trends are shifting towards “plurality optimization” as most optimization diminishes and organizations need to understand that data is ubiquitous, which means they need to start “this optimization for variety, instead of plurality” since devices that people are using are “intensely various.”

He also recommended that organizations rethink the workplace while developing the proper-sized role of offices and real estate portfolios to support hybrid work. The pandemic has shown people want to work from everywhere.