HPE recently confirmed that a threat factor compromised the data repositories for the Aruba company’s central network surveillance platform.

The move allows the threat actor to obtain an “access key” for 18 days from October 9 to October 27, during which time the customer data stored in the Aruba Central area was viewed until HPE revoked the key.

While the corrupted repositories contained two records that included network analytics Aruba Central’s ‘Contract Tracing’ feature, some of the exposed network analysis records contained MAC addresses, IP addresses, operating systems, hostnames, and authenticated Wi-Fi networks that cover a person’s username.

For the contract tracing feature, the exposed record contains the date, time and Wi-Fi access points to which the users were connected.

In order to prevent future incidents, HPE confirmed that the company is working to change the way access keys are protected and stored. In its recent statement to Bleeping Computer, HPE further stated: “We are aware of how the threat actors gained access and have taken steps to prevent it in the future. The access tokens were not tied to our internal systems. Our internal systems were not breached in this incident.”