95% of IT executives surveyed by Valtix said they would make multi-cloud a priority by 2022.

However, these companies face challenges, including the fact that multi-cloud operations are underfunded (two-third of respondents) and lack the necessary skills (67%).

To help organizations better manage security in a multi-cloud environment, Valtix identified has developed a number of strategies that businesses can follow, including creating a sustainable model for multi-cloud security, knowing their cloud environments, finding ways to consolidate their cloud security, implementing a security strategy that is cloud (or multi-cloud), and finally, that multi-cloud security is imperative in 2022.

By creating a sustainable model for multi-cloud security, companies need to know that the complexity of multi-cloud deployment will require them to rebuild their cloud security at some point.

By knowing their cloud environments, organizations can close the security gap because they already have the right tools, including awareness of each public cloud account they use.

Multi-cloud is therefore associated with a lot of complexity. Finding ways to consolidate cloud security can help unravel some complexities.

One way to achieve this is to find out which tools are available for each task and to whom each tool belongs.