Attackers are impersonating cybersecurity companies in callback phishing campaigns. As part of the new campaign, the attackers impersonate CrowdStrike to warn recipients that malicious network intruders have compromised their workstations.

The attackers also pointed out that a thorough security review was needed.

In the phishing email, employees are asked to call them using an enclosed phone number to plan the security check of their workstations.

As soon as an unsuspecting employee calls, the attacker directs the victim to install remote administration tools (RATs). The tools allow the threat actors to gain complete control of the workstation.

After the tool is installed, the threat actors will remotely install further tools that allow them to spread laterally through the network, steal corporate data and deploy ransomware that can encrypt devices.

“This is the first identified callback campaign impersonating cybersecurity entities and has higher potential success given the urgent nature of cyber breaches,” CrowdStrike warns.

The phishing campaign, unlike in the past, has the potential to be successful on a large scale, given that many employees work from home and away from their IT team.

The sources for this piece include an article in BleepingComputer.