Dhirendra Prasad, a former Apple buyer has been charged to court for his involvement in numerous fraud schemes against the company.

According to filings on Friday, Prasad was accused of exploiting his position as a buyer in Apple’s global service supply chain to defraud the company.

He is scheduled to appear before the court of law on March 24. Prosecutors are also demanding that Prasad be stripped of his assets which are worth millions of dollars.

The alleged fraud schemes exceeding $10 million saw Prasad conspire to commit wire fraud, commit money laundering, defraud the United States and evade taxes.

Prasad allegedly defrauded Apple by taking kickbacks, stealing parts using false repair orders. He also caused Apple to pay for items and services it never received. He was eventually fired by the company in December 2018.

Two vendors who allegedly teamed up with Prasad to defraud Apple pleaded guilty to related charges in December.