The FBI has issued warnings on multifactor authentication (MFA) protocols bug that is being exploited by Russian State-sponsored attackers.

The flaw when exploited allows attackers to move laterally within a network, gain access to the cloud storage and email accounts, and exfiltrate data.

To protect organizations against the flaw, FBI and CISA advised them to enforce MFA and review configuration policies, disable inactive accounts across the Active Directory and MFA systems, and patch all systems.

“Every organization should enforce MFA for all employees and customers, and every user should sign up for MFA when available. Organizations that implement MFA should review default configurations and modify as necessary, to reduce the likelihood that a sophisticated adversary can circumvent this control,” CISA advised.

Additional information on the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), indicators of compromise (IOCs), and recommendations to protect against the flaw were also provided.