The FAA has issued an important warning about the potential impact of the use of 5G technology on the Boeing 737.

According to the FAA, 5G could affect the 737’s ability to fly and land by disrupting wireless altimeters in the 3.7-3.98 GHz frequency band (5G C-Band).

The FAA directive states that such a disruption could result in “increased flight crew workload while on approach with the flight director, autothrottle, or autopilot engaged, which could result in reduced ability of the flight crew to maintain safe flight and landing of the airplane.”

The FAA said the notice affects about 2,400 airplanes in the United States and about 8,300 worldwide.

Speaking on the new directive from the FAA, a Boeing spokesperson said in a statement: “We support the Airworthiness Directive, as it mandates the same guidance that Boeing provided to operators back in January.”