Experts have criticized authentication firm, Okta’s response to a cyber incident it suffered. For experts, Okta’s action initially dismissed such an attack taking place.

They were also furious with the fact that the company knew a likely hack was going to happen before it took place.

Okta finally acknowledged the cyber incident on Wednesday. The company stated that some customers may have been affected by the security breach involving a hacking group called Lasus$.

Okta’s statement follows an internal screenshot shared by the attackers. The screenshot depicts what looks like an internal data leak from within the company’s network roughly a day ago.

Explaining how the incident happened, Okta’s Chief Security Officer David Bradbury stated that the attackers hijacked a contractor’s laptop. It was from this laptop the attackers were able to access 366 customers’ data.

With Okta helping more than 15,000 organizations securely access their networks and applications, any breach the company suffers could have dire consequences on a host of other organizations.