A technology called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is now compulsory for all new car models and types of vehicles in the European Union (EU) beginning July 6. This will also be required for all new cars sold in the EU from July 2024.

ISA utilizes the car’s cameras, map data, deep learning, and other methods to check if the car is driving beyond the speed limit. Should this be the case, the system can warn the driver in various ways, and even lessen the car’s speed to keep it within the limit.

Information from the European Commission states that excess speed “contributes to around 30 per cent of fatal crashes,” and ISA was made in the hopes of reducing the number of crashes brought by overspeeding.

The ISA regulation provides various options to provide feedback to the driver when overspeeding such as an acoustic warning, a vibrating warning, haptic feedback through the acceleration pedal, and finally, speed control, where the speed is automatically gradually reduced.

Nevertheless, car manufacturers will be “free to choose” from any of the above forms of feedback, while the driver will be able to override all of these measures.

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